What if Everything You Knew About Whey Protein is Wrong?

For the last 30 years, whey has been a staple supplement for dedicated athletes, weekend warriors and casual weightlifters.

In fact, whey accounts for about 83% of all online protein powder sales.

Yep, it’s that popular and for good reasons:
1. Convenient to use
2. Cost of protein per serving
3. Protein/calorie density
4. Fast absorption
5. Research supported
6. And let’s not forget taste!

You see, we know the “ins and outs” of whey protein arguably better than anyone else.

Our team at JaktRX has collectively over 150 years of experience in sports nutrition.

We’ve worked for some of the biggest players in the protein powder biz and we’ve come together to right a few wrongs, shake things up, and let you in on a few “secrets”.

So, while we understand why whey is so popular. We’re here to tell you: Whey protein could be better.

Protein Blasphemy? 

We know, it’s like we’re butchering a sacred cow and you’re probably asking yourself, “How can whey be better? It’s the best, right?”

Well, it was – 30 years ago. 

Since then, our knowledge of nutrition has evolved (but unfortunately our protein offerings have not).

We now have a better understanding of how the components of protein influence muscle growth and how different protein sources have a different ratio of each of these components. You see, not all proteins are created equal.

Did You Know?
The Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein (0.36 g per pound of body weight a day) is a minimum requirement. In fact, the International Society of Sports Nutrition recommends that athletes should consume 0.6-0.9 g of protein per pound of body weight a day to help support muscle growth.

The Cliff Notes on Muscle Protein Synthesis 

Question: What does 100 g of chicken breast, 110 g of top sirloin, 130 g of shrimp and 35 g of whey have in common?

Answer: They all provide about the same amount of protein (~30 g).

However, as mentioned, the composition of each protein source is different from one another and that’s where whey once stood above all other proteins.

You see, the composition of the protein source can have a major impact on muscle protein synthesis, which is a fancy term that basically means muscle building.

If you’re looking to improve recovery and growth (we know – who isn’t?) then an increase in muscle protein synthesis is of the utmost importance!

Riddle Me This

Ok, so let’s quickly go over the “411” of muscle protein synthesis to make sure we’re all on the same page:

Skeletal muscle proteins are constantly and simultaneously being synthesized (built) and degraded (broken down).

Where you net out depends on whether the buildup or breakdown is greater than the other.

So, if your muscle protein breakdown is greater than your muscle protein synthesis, you’re in a negative protein balance (or catabolic state). Basically, you’re losing muscle. (Yikes!)

Catabolic conditions, such as dieting (or lack of food), illness and injury, can lead to significant muscle loss due to an increase in muscle protein breakdown and a decrease in muscle protein synthesis.

Conversely, a rise in muscle protein synthesis and/or a reduction in muscle protein breakdown leads to a positive protein balance (or anabolic state).

This is the sweet spot you want to be in. ‘Cause long-term increases in muscle protein synthesis leads to muscle growth.

So, you want to keep muscle protein synthesis up!

Did You Know?
The anabolic effect of exercise is blunted by a simultaneous increase in muscle protein breakdown, such that the balance between the two remains negative in the fasted state. This can be countered by post-workout protein.

In other words, make sure you’re consuming a high-quality protein after your workouts (and enough throughout the day)!

Whey Protein & Muscle Protein Synthesis

At one time, whey was the king of proteins. This was mainly due to its composition and effects on muscle protein synthesis.

Just look at the results from a study on whey protein and muscle protein synthesis. In this study, participants took 15 g of whey protein and an hour after ingestion, muscle protein synthesis went up by 35%. Not too shabby. Especially, when you consider that no workout was done.

Since then, further studies have been conducted to optimize protein composition and a lot of this ground-breaking research has been laid by the University of Arkansas.

Over the last 30 years, a research team from the university, lead by two professors, Dr. Robert Wolfe and Dr. Arny Ferrando, have analyzed the key components of whey protein and reconfigured them over and over again.

Studies were performed to test these formulations. With the results of each study influencing the next iteration. Over time, these refinements lead to the ultimate protein formula and even a US patent.

PROMINO – Optimized Protein Formula

PROMINO is the culmination of work and collaboration, between the JaktRX team and the University of Arkansas, to produce a muscle-building formula that’s better than whey!

Our team at JaktRX has worked with university research teams from around the world and when we saw the overwhelming results unfold from the studies conducted by the University of Arkansas – we were blown away!

We saw a protein game changer – a formula that outperforms whey – and we knew we had to bring this to athletes.

Simply put, PROMINO will eclipse whey and become the new gold standard in protein supplementation.

76% Increase in Muscle Protein Synthesis

Remember that study on whey protein and muscle protein synthesis above? Well, here’s how the PROMINO formula stacks up using the same methodology! 

A 76% increase in muscle protein synthesis on its own! This was more than double the increase from whey!

However, this isn’t the only way PROMINO outclasses whey protein!


PROMINO is fundamentally a 100% pure, complete protein source with a nutrient composition corrected for maximum growth potential.

It's this optimized nutrient ratio of pure protein that allows PROMINO to cast a shadow over all other proteins and muscle-building formulas.

In fact, when compared to other protein sources, the protein quality of PROMINO ranks highest on the DIAAS.

DIAAS is a scoring system adopted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to quantify dietary protein quality.

The DIAAS calculation factors in:

1) The digestibility of a protein at the end of the small intestine, which provides a more accurate measure of absorption by the body.

2) The protein’s contribution to nutrient and nitrogen requirements of the body.

Essentially, the DIAAS looks at protein composition and your minimum requirements of each nutrient while also taking into consideration absorption rates.

The amounts and patterns are then compared to a theoretical "ideal, reference protein" based on Estimated Average Requirements for total daily protein intake.

Each nutrient is given a "score" (calculated by dividing the amount of each digestible nutrient found in one gram of the protein source by the amount of the same nutrient found in one gram of the reference protein). The nutrient with the lowest value is the DIAAS. This means that one component of the PROMINO formula (shown in the chart) provides 321% of your needs while all others exceed this!

Since PROMINO is 100% pure protein with better, faster absorption rates – other sources of protein just can’t compare (including whey protein)!

Did You Know?
The creator of the DIAAS system, which, as mentioned, was adopted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, is also one of the patent holders and creators of the PROMINO formula: Dr. Robert Wolfe.


Yep, PROMINO is an optimized plant-based protein that outperforms whey. 

We use only the best premium ingredients in PROMINO. That’s why the active ingredients in PROMINO come completely from sustainable, eco-friendly, plant-based sources.

Plus, since PROMINO is plant-based, you won't have to worry about feeling bloated like some do after consuming whey!

Now, to be quite candid, we've all heard how plant-based protein is better for us, but there have been some hurdles with plant-based protein formulas in the past.

Namely, the taste and mouthfeel. That's partly the reason why whey is still more popular. Until now. 

PROMINO bridges the gap between plant-based formulas and whey protein.

The PROMINO formula doesn’t taste like other plant-based formulas. You know, “earthy” and “chalky”. (Yuck!)

Let's not forget about lactose and cholesterol too! Unlike whey, PROMINO contains no lactose or cholesterol!

With PROMINO you get a great-tasting, smooth and refreshing protein drink that will have you looking forward to your workouts!


PROMINO is more than a sum of its parts. However, one of the key muscle-building nutrients found in a specific amount within the PROMINO formula has been shown to offer tremendous benefits to weightlifters.

In a study conducted at the University of Leeds, subjects who consumed a core component in the PROMINO formula increased their 5-rep max strength on 8 exercises by 40.8%. This was a 32% improvement in strength over the placebo group.

Just imagine the feeling you’d get, let alone the results, from progressing 32% more than someone else following the same training program.

This significant improvement in strength can make all the difference in the gym, on the field or whether you compete to WIN!

Did You Know?
After a workout, the signal to increase muscle protein synthesis can remain elevated for up to 48 hours.This is not only another reason to keep your protein intake high every day, but also to train your muscle groups more frequently.

You see, if you’re only training a muscle group once a week (Mondays/Chest, Tuesdays/Arms, Thursdays/Legs, and Fridays/Arms + Shoulders) then you must go 5 days without a stimulus to grow.So, train your muscle groups at least twice a week and keep the gains coming!


NSF Certified for Sport® is a certification designed for sports nutrition brands that wish to market their products to athletes with the assurance their product does not contain any banned substances.

To be certified, products must go through stringent third-party review and testing. Each formulation and label initially go through extensive scrutiny before being considered for the certification.

Once accepted into the program, NSF tests every ingredient and production lot for a wide range of banned substances identified by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and leading sports organizations (over 280 banned ingredients).

Even our suppliers, manufacturer are subjected to unannounced inspections to ensure certification process adherence.

All of this is done to help assure everyone, especially elite athletes and coaches, that PROMINO is banned substance free.In fact, the NSF Certified for Sport® is recommended by the NHL, NFL, NBA, PGA, LPGA, CCES, CPSDA, iNADO, Ironman, NASCAR, and many other organizations seeking to mitigate the risks of contaminated dietary supplements.

Did You Know?
You can get a FREE “6 Weeks to More Muscle” training program from JaktRX to maximize growth.

Simply tell us where to send the FREE training program by filling out the below.In fact, we’ll even send you more as we make them!


The PROMINO formula has been awarded a US Patent for recovery of muscle strength and function after physical exercise.

This patent is based on numerous clinical research papers and allows PROMINO to stand above other formulas.

You simply will not find another muscle-enhancing formula with more clinical research support than PROMINO!


Our team spent countless hours perfecting the flavours for PROMINO: Raspberry Rush and Fruit Punch!

We stand by our flavour profiles and feel confident that the taste of PROMINO on its own will make you look forward to working out.

Sure, you can’t beat the science behind PROMINO (just ask whey protein), but you can’t beat the taste either!

Did You Know?
If you signed up for the FREE “6 Weeks to More Muscle” training program from JaktRX mentioned above, you also got sent a discount code to save 15% off your first order!


While whey was once the end all be all of proteins, you’ll be hard pressed to find another muscle-building formula that's more compelling than PROMINO. 

In fact, we don't think any other muscle builder can compare to PROMINO - especially with these attributes:

"Optimized Protein Formula"

"Better Than Whey Protein"

"76% Increase in Muscle Protein Synthesis"

"40.8% Increase in Strength"

"NSF Certified For Sport®"

"Plant-Based Formula"

"Out of This World Taste"

It's time to expect more from your sports nutrition supplements and the JaktRX team is leading the way with this ground-breaking formula!

Get the results you're looking for by capping off your workouts with PROMINO!


We all loved whey back in the day, but the sun is going down on this supplement. A new era in supplementation is dawning with optimized protein and it all starts with PROMINO!

The JaktRX team worked diligently with the University of Arkansas to bring PROMINO to the market and allow athletes to take full advantage of this clinically backed formula.

So, if you’re looking to build and strengthen your muscles, improve performance, and recover faster then PROMINO is your best solution.

Get PROMINO today and experience firsthand how our optimized protein formula can make all the difference!



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